Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

A wall covering, also known as paneling, is a single piece of material cut in a flat or rectangular shape to cover the surface of a wall. The main purposes of wall cladding are insulation, embellishment, protection against fire, and soundproofing. It protects the walls from external environmental factors and keeps them intact and clean for longer. While also adding to the aesthetics of your home by making them look more attractive and pleasing. The durability and ease of replacement of high-quality wall cladding are indicators of its quality.

Mango Interiors LLC is one of the top interior design firms in Dubai. We provide a wide range of wood-based products, known as sheet or panel products, suitable for internal wall or ceiling paneling. Mango Interiors LLC being one of the most experienced and generously inventoried suppliers in the UAE, we also provide stone, vinyl, brick, fiber cement, wooden, aluminum, steel, and glass cladding.

Our interior design company cladding is best known for its good finish, moisture, and stain-resistant properties and is easily washable. Backed by years of experience, our team is perfectly trained and equipped to handle wood wall cladding, stone wall cladding, and marble wall cladding, giving you a range of options to suit. We will assist you in selecting the ideal choice that will fit your preferences and budget. Give your house, office, hotel, or any other place a new and fresh look with our wall cladding in Dubai.

Advantages of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a fantastic technique to shield the outer walls of the house from the damaging effects of the weather and other irritants that could have a detrimental impact on the structure. Interior wood wall cladding protects your walls from environmental hazards like water, sunshine, bad weather, and dust. Your homes and offices will look more elegant and stylish with stone and marble wall cladding. The surfaces of any material can be clad by adding another layer. It might be a fantastic choice for our walls and ceilings. Are you thinking of remodeling your house because the hues on your walls have begun to fade? Do you intend to paint your house? Then, painting is not your only choice. Most of the possibilities that could make your home look attractive are wall cladding.

  • Keeps the walls spotless and tidy.
  • Ensure the durability of your walls.
  • There are several alternatives for wall cladding.
  • Enhances the visual value of both your interiors and exteriors.

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